We provide Standard and custom RF cables assemblies using branded RF Connectors (Times microwave for defense and Aerospace) Our RF cable assemblies and connectors are used in commercial and military applications, We deal with different types of RF cable assemblies and connectors and our products are flexible, conformable and durable. We also build RF cable assemblies using the high quality brands of cable, as well as any cable brand of your choice. Please refer datasheet for the types of RF cable assemblies and connectors. We are offering dc-40 GHz frequency range and all types.

We supply a wide range of RF cables assemblies & connectors, which are fabricated using quality material. Our excellent range of RF cables assemblies & connectors are widely used in various commercial and military applications. We offer several kinds of RF Cable Assemblies & connectors that are extremely flexible, easy to use and durable. These are also available in numerous specifications as per the requirement of our clients.

High performance Low Loss RF Connectors and RF Cable Assemblies for extremely reliable wireless applications.
RF CableAssemblies include SMA/SMB/SMC/BNC/FME/TNC/FAKRA bulkhead connectors to MCX RA male, MMCX RA male,MMS,IPEX,MCG,GSC,UFL,HFL, with various cable lengths ranging from 50mm to more and cables with low loss, high performance including RG174/178/316,1.13/1.37/0.81 thin RF Cable. Other types available -optional. Different types of adapters are also available.
  • RF connector and RF cable assemblies
  • Part number AT-XX-YYY-NN-L
  • XX- CN for connectors CA for cable assemblies
  • YYY - type of connectors namely SMA, TNC etc