We supply a broad array of PCB antennas, which are made using superior quality material in accordance with the industry standards. The PCB antennas are provided in perfectly printed PCBs and in diverse specifications to meet different customer requirements. Our range of antennas are excellent for expanding any wireless network and to get better connectivity within a limited area.

Our PCB antennas are available as perfectly printed PCBs and optimized in a small package. The PCB antennas are great for expanding your wireless network though they are termed low profile.

They are available in:
  • Various types - dipoles, arrays, printed
  • Various bands - GSM, WIFI
  • Various forms - Yagi, Patch
  • Various sizes - Small, Medium,etc.
Our PCB antenna along with cable is a very flexible and economical solution, however, the gain of the antenna is closely linked to the surface area or volume of the antenna only.